Slipit Silicone Free Sliding Compound

SLIPIT Sil-Free Sliding Compound

A workhorse lubricant like its counterpart SLIPIT Sliding Compound. Worth the effort of a gel.

  • No fisheye
  • Non-toxic

  • Attracts less dust
  • Easy stir & flow gel

  • Inhibits rust & corrision

Feature: General purpose lubrication
Benefit: Fewer application specific lubricants needed on-hand

Feature: Silicone Free
Benefit: No "fisheye" in wood finishes

Feature: Tested at  temperatures to  220F
Benefit: Works well on cold and hot days

Feature: Attracts less dust
Benefit: Stays cleaner longer

Feature: Non-aerosol - Easily applied gel
Benefit: Replaces aerosol lubricants, safer work environment

Feature: Dielectric properties
Benefit: Useful in electric applications

Feature: Lasts longer
Benefit: Fewer applications - Lower labor costs

Feature: Higher lubricity
Benefit: Reduced surface friction, reduces binding of sliding surfaces

Feature: Inhibits rust
Benefit: Provides a level of rust protection

Feature: Odorless
Benefit: Doesn't reek

Feature: Non-toxic
Benefit: Promotes a safe work environment

Feature: FDA, USDA accepted for use in applications with incidental food contact
Benefit: Useful in food processing and USDA inspected facilities