Slipit Spray Lubricant

SLIPIT Spray Lubricant

SLIPIT Spray Lubricant is ideal for use in hard to reach spots.
It is longer lasting and provides better wear characteristics than major aerosol lubricants.

  • Inhibits rust and corrosion

  • Convenient aerosol w/ 5" tube

  • Attracts less dust

Feature: General purpose lubrication
Benefit: Fewer application specific lubricants needed on-hand

Feature: Tested at temperatures to 220F
Benefit: Works well on cold and hot days

Feature: Attracts less dust
Benefit: Stays cleaner longer

Feature: Dielectric properties
Benefit: Useful in electric applications

Feature: Aerosol
Benefit: Convenient application method

Feature: 5" directional tube
Benefit: Longer reach spray for hard to reach spots

Feature: Stays where you spray
Benefit: Does not run and cause a mess

Feature: Lasts longer
Benefit: Fewer applications, reduced labor costs, saves money

Feature: Inhibits rust
Benefit: Provides a level of rust protection

Feature: Non-toxic
Benefit: Promotes a safe work environment

Feature: FDA, USDA accepted for use in applications with incidental food contact
Benefit: Useful in food processing and USDA inspected facilities